Marina del Rey, CA: Why and How MDR Was Created with 1954 U.S. Docs 389 and 780 / Documents and Excerpts

U.S. House Documents 389 and 780 have great relevance to the
Ballona Wetlands Restoration and Marina del Rey - see page 47 of Doc. 389 for a Map.

MDR was created with the combined efforts of U.S. Congress, Los Angeles County & Los Angeles City.

U.S. FISH & WILDLIFE RE: BALLONA WETLANDS Termination of Cooperating Agency Status with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 2017 & FEIR COMMENTS AF1- 6 page PDF 2018

Issues about the Ballona Restoration from 2012 to 2018 include this important "2017 Termination" letter from one federal agency to another about their desire to end the relationship and their FEIR comments that justify this desire.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Termination Letter 2017 / comment on Ballona FEIR
 comment on Ballona FEIR 2017/2/1