WeHo (West Hollywood) Lets Developers Drain Our Aquifer While Forcing Us To Conserve Water.


Sustainable Groundwater Management Act & Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem

Letter from Patricia McPherson to Ric Abramson and David Gillig,

First off, I’d like to thank the Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter’s Water Committee Chair—Charming Evelyn for the terrific article posted Sept. 13, 2022 entitled, WeHo (West Hollywood) Lets Developers Drain Our Aquifer While Forcing Us To Conserve Water.  

West Hollywood is one of the most progressive towns in Los Angeles and the U.S.  They’ve even just had their City Council approve a ban on the use of the horrifically cruel glue traps.  West Hollywood sets the trends for the rest of the country so, I am hoping that the draining of groundwater via the pumping and lowering of the groundwater table to mindlessly allow for basement building and high rise perpetual dewatering will end.  With knowledge of the consequences upon the environment, and knowledge of the harm that occurs for wildlife dependent upon that environment; here’s hoping WeHo will address the lowering of the groundwater table and stop the mismanagement of our precious natural resource—groundwater.  

WeHo is not the only area in Los Angeles guilty of this harm to our planet.  But, here’s hoping WeHo becomes the trendsetter in stopping this reckless and ultimately, self harming practice.  

We have the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and its attendant Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems protective laws that must be acknowledged and  have adherence.  Please watch the Vimeo below and inculcate this into the mindful awareness of protecting our precious groundwater and all that rely upon it.

Thank you, Patricia McPherson, Grassroots Coalition and Sierra Club, Airport-Marina Group

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 1.53.48 PM_1_0.png
Hidden Dangers of Artificial Pumping & Lowering of the Groundwater ...
Fresh Water - How can we manage groundwater to benefit both people and nature? 

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems
Dewatering...see the Vimeo ...a wonderful visual --easy understanding for all from Nature Conservancy/ CA Con. Science

Read about Groundwater

AND…. The visual below is wonderful…. Nature Conservancy is one of the groups we’ve discussed the GDE issues with and they have input into DWR per lack of GDE reporting. Funny find but after using the video below at numerous hearings… turns out the person I spoke with several times at Nature Conservancy is the one who created it.  So..I let her know how terrific it is and that we use it!




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