Reference Materials Oil & Gas Fields - Baldwin Hills/Inglewood - PXP - Playa Vista/SoCalGas


Reference Materials - OilGas Fields
Baldwin Hills/Inglewood - PXP - Playa Vista/SoCalGas

Courtesy of, Los Angeles, California
Baldwin Hills 2008 PXP Environmental Impact Report (EIR) did not include sections which are typically part of the industry standard EIR. Therefore, a lawsuit (Petition for Writ of Mandamus) to get a industry standard EIR (study) of the oilfield, the grounds and the surrounding neighborhood was filed by the Citizen Coalition for a Safe Community, and to stop drilling until a complete study is done.
Baldwin Hills Community Standards District (CSD) Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Excerpt
Section 4.3 Public Health Risk 30 pages - PXP - 2007 Study
Table 4.3.2 Current Oil Field Operations Toxic Pollutant Emissions (lbs/year)
40 Toxic Pollutants for 2005-2006 1 Page PDF - 20 kilobytes (including in above Section 4.3 excerpt PDF)

  1. Earthquake Safety - Subsidence - Methane
    Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook - Letter from Richard L Meehan to Culver City City Engineer
    Meehan, Richard L; Richard L Meehan Consulting Engineer to Culver City, 2000
  2. Earthquake Safety - Subsidence - Methane
    Vista Pacifica / Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook - Meehan states potential gas hazards, etc.
    Meehan, Richard L; Richard L Meehan Consulting Engineer to Culver City, 2000
  3. Energy Production in California - Comprehensive
    California Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources: An Introduction 37 megabytes
    California Department of Conservation: Div Oil & Gas, 1993
  4. Glossary - Drilling, Separation and Dehydration, Produced Water, Contaminants
    Oil and Gas Field operation glossary - includes health affects, simple read.
    Oil and Gas Accountability Project
  5. Glossary - Oil and Gas Field Chemicals and their health affects
    Air Pollution glossary - Oil and Gas Regulations fall short of protecting the public.
    Oil and Gas Accountability Project
  6. Glossary of Acronyms / Abbreviations Use in Oil and Gas Production
    Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations – Commonly in Oil and Gas Production
  7. Health Affects– hydrocarbons, salts, metals, radionuclides, production chemicals
    Produced Water – Largest waste stream in Oil and Gas Production
    Sumi, Lisa; Oil and Gas Accountability Project, 2005
  8. ** Health -BTEX Gases - California Prop 65 Chemicals - Comprehensive / Illustrated
    BTEX Contamination - What is BTEX? BTEX Components of Gasoline, etc - Technical Outreach
    Hazardous Substance Research Centers - EPA
  9. Health- Hydraulic Fracturing contaminates Drinking Water
    Hydraulic Fracturing – In 2005 the oil / gas industry gutted Safe Drinking Water Act
    Oil and Gas Accountability Project
  10. Health -Reproductive Endocrine Effects in Women exposed to fuels and solvents
    Reproductive Endocrine Effects in Women with Occupational Fuel and Solvent Exposures - Evidence
    Reutman, Susan R; LeMasters, Grace; Dept. of Health & National Institute for Occupational Safety, 2002
  11. Health-Clusters of Lupus Associated with Oil field Waste Site
    Lupus - Clusters associationed with oil field waste site; a cross section study
    Dahlgren, James; Takhar, Harpeet; UCLA School of Medicine, UCLA School of Public Health, 2007
  12. * Health-Death by Asphyxiation from Hydrogen (H2S) Exposure
    Chemical Brain Injury: Hydrogen (H2S) Exposure from Refineries in Cities - Torrance, CA Study
    Kaye Kilburn; Chemical Brain Injury (Book Excerpt)
  13. *** Injection of Fluids - Baldwin Hills Dam Failure - Comprehensive
    Ground Rupture in the Baldwin Hills - Injection of fluids into the ground for oil recovery
    Hamilton, James H; Meehan, Richard L; Science, 1971
  14. Oilfields - Explosion - Gas Venting in Urban LA - Comprehensive
    Ross Dress for Less - Explosion in Los Angeles linked to waste disposal in old oilfields
    Hamilton, James H; Meehan, Richard L; Society of Petroleum Engineers - Regional Meeting , 2000
  15. Oilfields - Explosion - Comprehensive
    Ross Dress for Less - Cause of explosion and other gas ventings, Fairfax District, Los Angeles
    Hamilton, James H; Meehan, Richard L; Association of Engineering Geologists, Pub No 4, 2000
  16. Oilfields - Hazards Identification
    Environmental Geochemistry Techniques for the Evaluation of Urban Oilfieds Health & Safety Hazards
    Endres, Bernard L; University of So Ca- Environmental Engineering Seminar, 2004
  17. ****Oilfields - Urban Environmental Hazards in LA - Comprehensive
    Environmental Hazards Posed By The Los Angeles Basin Urban Oilfields: Lessons Learned
    Endres, Bernard, Phd; Chilingar, George V; Environmental Geology - Original Article, 2005
  18. Aquifers - Wilmington Shallow and Surface Casings
    Wilmington Oil Field - Polymer Flooding, Ranger Zone, Fault Block V
    Crowder, Robert; California Division of Oil & Gas, 1978
  19. Earthquake along Newport-Inglewood Fault
    Quake Occurred Along Fault Said to Be Among Area's Most Dangerous (Newport-Inglewood)
    Reich, Kenneth; Los Angeles Times / California / Local, 2001
  20. Earthquake control experiment in Colorado
    An Experiment in Earthquake Control at Rangely, Colorado
    Raliegh, C B; Healy, J H; Science Magazine, 1976
  21. Earthquakes - Induced - Bibliography
    Induced Earthquake Bibliography - Oil and Gas Production Induced Earthquake References
  22. Earthquakes - Los Angeles Region
    Prospects for Larger or More Frequent Earthquakes in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Region
    Dolan, James; Sieh, Kerry; Science, 1995
  23. Earthquakes - Newport-Inglewood Fault
    Ground Shaking from Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake on Newport-Inglewood Fault
  24. Earthquakes - Soil Response
    Nonlinear soil response - The 1933, Long Beach, California earthquake
    Trufunac, M D; Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
  25. Fault Interaction
    Mechanical fault interaction within the Los Angeles Basin
    Cooke, Michele L.; Ayako Kameda; Journal of Geophysical Research, 2002
  26. Fault Interactions and Complex Earthquakes in LA Area - Website Resources
    Fault Interactions and Large Complex Earthquakes in the Los Angeles Area
    Anderson, Greg et al; Science Magazine, 2008
  27. Faults - Perspective view Newport-Inglewood
    Illustration - Perspective view of Los Angeles area faults including Newport-Inglewood Fault
  28. Health -Benzene Exposure - Low Levels
    Benzene -Hematotoxicity in Workers Exposed to Low Levels of Benzene - ON LINE RESOURCES
    Qing Lan, et al; Science Magazine, 2008
  29. Health -Benzene Exposure in Shoe Workers - Leukemia and bone marrow toxicity
    Benzene -Factory Study Shows Low Levels of Benzene Reduce Blood Cell Count (China)
    Erik Stokstad; Science Magazine, 2004
  30. Health -Benzene-Exposed and Control Workers - Cancer and Leukemia
    Benzene-Exposed and Control Workers in China (Albumin Adducts of of Electrophilic Metabolites )
    Yu-Sheng Lin; Roel Vermeulen; University of North Carolina, National Cancer Institute, 2007
  31. Health -Benzene-Exposure - Effect on genetic polymorphisms
    Benzene Poisoning (Association of Genetic Polymorphisms)
    Junxiang Wan; Jinxiu Shi; Environmental Health Perspectives, 2002
  32. Health Concerns - Oil Production
    Health Concerns Related to Proposed Expansion of Oilfield Operations in the Baldwin Hills
    Cole, Brian, Dr. P.H.; UCLA School of Public Health, 2007
  33. Health -Repro Endocrine Effects - toxicity, respiratory, neurotoxicity, gastro, liver
    Chemicals Used in Oil and Natural Gas Development and Delivery
    Bachman, Mary; The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, 2007
  34. Health-Benzene and Leukemia Mortality - Temporal Variation
    Benzene and Leukemia Mortality - Temporal Variation
    Richardson, David B; University of North Carolina, School of Public Health, 2008
  35. Health-Chemical Mixtures and Toxicology
    Chemicals Mixtures and Toxicology
    Monosson, Emily; Environmental Health Perspectives, 2005
  36. Map - Fault - Newport-Inglewood
    Inglewood Oil Field Fault Map Figure 9
    Endres, Bernard, Phd
  37. Map - Inglewood Oil Field
    Map of Inglewood Oil Field Page 122, Los Angeles County
    California Division of Oil & Gas
  38. Oilfields - Explosion - Short narrative excerpt
    Ross Dress for Less - Cause of explosion and other gas ventings, Fairfax District, Los Angeles
    Hamilton, James H; Meehan, Richard L; Association of Engineering Geologists, Pub No 4, 1992
  39. Oilfields - Investigate gas venting in urban LA
    Methane: Proposal for Investigation. . .Methane and Other Underground Gases in Los Angeles
    Meehan, Richard L; Stanford University, 2000
  40. Oilfields - Oil Well Casings
    Casing Leaks Diagrams - Types 1-5
    Endres, Bernard, Phd; 1984
  41. Oilfields - Urban Environmental Hazards
    Environmental Hazards of Urban Oilfield Operations
    Endres, Bernard, Phd; Chilingar, George V; 1991
  42. Subsidence - Overview Oilfields of Southern California
    Subsidence Overview - Redondo Beach King Harbor - Breakwater Evaluation / Inglewood Field 19 meg
    Chilingarian, George V; Endres, Bernard L; 1992
  43. Subsidence - Baldwin Hills, CA
    Horizontal Earth Movement in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles Area
    Alexander, Ira H; Journal of Geophysical Research, 1962
  44. Subsidence - Baldwin Hills, CA
    Subsidence of Bench Marks Baldwin Hills Area
    Endres, Bernard, Phd; 1910-74
  45. Subsidence - Baldwin Hills, CA Dam Failure
    Calculated Horizontal Movements at Baldwin Hills, California
    Lee, Kenneth L; International Assoc. of Hydrological Sciences, 1976
  46. Subsidence - Baldwin Hills, CA Dam Failure
    Baldwin Hills Reservoir Failure (1963) - Lessons Learned & Illustrations of Dam
    James, Laurence; Jansen, Robert B; Advanced Dam Engineering
  47. Subsidence - Beverly Hills, CA
    Urban Oil Production and Subsidence Control - Case History - Beverly Hills, CA Oilfield
    Erickson, R C; Spaulding, A O; Society of Petroleum Engineers - Annual Meeting, 1975
  48. Subsidence - Caused by Fluid Withdrawal
    Subsidence Caused by Fluid Withdrawal: The Need for a Systems Approach - Book Excerpt 10 meg
    Chilingarian, George V; Gurevich, Alexander; Land Subsidence Case Studies and Current Research, 1998
  49. Subsidence - General Review
    Impacts of land subsidence caused by withdrawal of underground fluids in the United States
    Holzer, Thomas L; Galloway, Devin L; Geological Society of America, 2005
  50. Subsidence - Occurrence, Prediction, Control
    Subsidence arising from ground-water withdrawal, oil and gas field activities and coal gasification 10 meg
    Whittaker, Barry N; Reddish, David J; Developments in Geotechnical Engineering, 56, 1989
  51. Subsidence - Pipeline Right-of-Ways
    Differential InSAR Measurement of Ground Movement along Pipeline Right-of-Ways
    Youden, James; Power, Desmond; GRI Gas Research Institute, Des Plaines, IL, 2004
  52. Subsidence - Schematic of how it occurs.
    Schematic of how subsidence occurs.
  53. Subsidence - Wetland Loss on Gulf Coast
    Subsidence - Gulf Coast region, USA - Evidence of regional subsidence . . .induced by oil production
    Morton, Robert; Bernier, Julie; Environmental Geology, 2006
  54. Subsidence - Wilmington Oil Field, Long Beach, CA
    Subsidence in the Wilmington Oil Field, Long Beach, CA
    Mayuga, M N; Allen, D R
  55. Subsidence - Illustration
    Prolonged changes in ground-water levels induce subsidence - Illustration of aquifer system
    Aquitard Drainage and Aquifer-System

    56. Corroded Well Lining Caused Alison Canyon Gas Leak that displaced thousands, report says, 2019 
    "In a 258-page report, investigators said that groundwater had corroded the metal lining of a more-than-50-year-old underground well, leading to its rupture at 892 feet below ground. The report also said that SoCalGas, the company that owns and operates the natural gas well, did not meaningfully investigate or analyze more than 60 previous leaks at the facility The company did not properly monitor its wells at the site, the report said, adding that “the approach to well integrity at Aliso Canyon had been reactive rather than proactive.”

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