Ballona Wetlands Ecosystem Timeline and Facts 2020.

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To view the two related videos, "Freshwater Marsh Draining to Ocean" and "Groundwater Pumping Kills Trees and Bushes", click links below, in the large thumbnail image below, or in the PDF, on either the bottom center and right embedded video pictures.
1) Freshwater Marsh Drains to the ocean
2) Understanding Groundwater Pumping
3) Kill Zone See Levee Power Point
4) Hydrogeologic Cross Section - See Slides 18 through 21
5) Historical Photo - No Fill Area A


Ballona.Wetlands.Ecosystem.Timeline.1990.to_.2020.and_.Restoration 2Video to Understand Groundwater Pumping Impact - 44 secondsVideo showing Draining Ballona Freshwater Marsh to Ocean -