JOHN TOMMY ROSAS - CCC - Tongva Burial Grounds 2005 VIDEO with Maxine Waters - Freshwater Marsh


On this page find 3 documents.  The first is a 2005 video of Tongva Ancestral Territorial Tribal Nation litigator (TATTN) John Tommy Rosas and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  The second is a presentation authored by John Tommy and presented to the California Coastal Commission (CCC) about Ballona Wetlands Sacred Indian Sites with maps and photos.  The third is the 2 page 2005 Settlement in the case entitled Friends of Ballona Wetlands v. Coastal Commission, City of Los Angeles, et al.

Democratic Club Culver City Signs Airport Marina Group Sierra Club / Grassroots Coalition 2020 BALLONA RESOLUTION & Zoom Meeting YouTube

BALLONA PRESENTATION WATER / GAS (Zoom Meeting 4.22.20 27 minutes)
Patricia McPherson, Sierra Club Airport Marina Group / Grassroots Coalition

Democratic Club Culver City 4.22.20 Ballona Resolution, YouTube of Zoom Meeting and Slide Presentation

If you oppose bulldozing 400 acres of Ballona Wetlands 25-30 feet deep and building 20 to 30 foot berms/levees please join with the AIRPORT MARINA GROUP SIERRA CLUB.  Sign on to our Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve Resolution.Download the PDF, print it, sign it, and send us the signed copy please. Click here: RH Resolution to Protect and Preserve the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve - 8.5.pdf

2014 California Coastal Commission Letter to Playa Capital and California Department Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) about Two Unpermitted Drains (Coastal Act Violation) in the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve

2014 California Coastal Commission Letter from Andrew Willis, Coastal Commission Enforcement Officer, to Playa Capital and California Department Fish & Wildlife (CDFW). 

Grassroots Coalition (GC) later sued Playa Capital, LLC and CDFW and prevailed in order to enforce the Coastal Commission's request which later became an order.