Local resource organizations working to enhance our planet


This list will continue to grow as we meet and collaborate with like minded organizations and their members in a quest to help our planet.

Ballona Ecosystem Education Project (BEEP)

Ballona Wetlands Land Trust
Ballona Valley Preservation League
Ballona Wildlife Pictures
Amazing collection of Ballona photos by Jonathan, a local photographer who loves the Wetland.
This collection is growing almost daily. Over 4,500 photos of wildlife at Ballona.
Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community
EarthWays Foundation
Cash For Your Lawn
The Last Stand Movie
Northeast Trees
Renewables100 Policy Institute
The River Project
The Sierra Club
Southwest Center for Biological Diversity
Southwestern Herpetologists Society
Shale Property Rights (formerly Spectra Energy Watch)
Theodore Payne Foundation California Native Plant Nursery (Drought Tolerate)


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