Fracking and Water: Oilfield Fracking

Oilfield "fracking" is a new form of pollution that is the longest lasting damage to the land, worse than salting the ground to prevent plants and animals living on it, or a man growing food for his family, neighbors and you and me.  Fracking permanently poisons, yes poisons, the underground water, permanently poisons the air, yes the air, as natural gas and associated poisonous gases seep out of the water table to harm all life at ground level, your pets, crawling children, and you and me.  Fracking leads to water and air plumes of poisons stretching miles into all homes and bodies of wate

CITIZEN ALERT - EXPLOSIONS DO HAPPEN - SEE Underground Gas Pipeline Leaks: (NTSB) National Transportation and Safety Boards (1969-2014)

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Methane and Gasoline leaks and explosions do happen.  
www.NTSB.Gov investigators write official reports, and summarize dangerous patterns, and change the rules to prevent them.  This page links to 121 such reports since 1969.