Marina del Rey, CA: Small Craft Harbor Commission Meeting 7/13/10

GC and John Davis , Kathy Knight, on behalf of BEEP, attended the MDR Small Craft Harbor meeting of 7/13/10.  During public comment, we requested the 2 issues cited below be agendized. We established that:

(1) former Director S. Wiesinski (2004) had promised follow-up reports regarding the 2004 SOCALGAS condensate spill emanating from a SOCALGAS line surrounding the Marina in an easement of SOCALGAS. There is also a SOCALGAS oil pipeline that SOCALGAS has stated as being "abandoned".  We requested the data file regarding any "abandonment" operation.  The easement lines also pass through AREA A.  We requested any and all easement updates as to their current status.

(2) GC raised the issue of a leaking oilwell under one of the Mariner's Village buildings and cited the foundational reconstruction work done on buildings at Mariner's Village in 2001-2.  The Commission representative in the plaid shirt said that he recalled the work done.  We asked for any and all permitting for that reconstruction work.  We requested any and all information from the Commission that would show county awareness of the reconstruction work and the surfacing gases.  (At the time of the reconstruction, it was surmised that the concrete had turned to mush as a result of H2S exposure.)

John Davis speaking before the MDR Small Craft Harbor Commission Meeting 7/13/2010-

(Mariner's Village is located on the north side of the MDR channel entrance and can be seen in the photograph below- the triangular area to the right of the red line above the vacant chair.)

The lessee-Ring family (Marina Admiralty Company)- was ordered in 2007 to dissolve the family partnership and then sell the property known as Mariner's Village (Metropolitan News-Enterprize 3/13/07).  4/28/2010 appellate records reveal awards regarding that dissolution- thus apparently the project is for sale.  (BC341333)

We requested the Commission provide data support as to the status of the project's sale and for SOCALGAS wells onsite.
We provided voluminous data, including the SOCALGAS gas study done in 2000-1 showing surfacing gases with very similar isotopic ratios to SOCALGAS reservoir gases.  We asked for the Ring family analysis that was also performed and asked for reports with data backing on both issues of health and safety concerns.  See letter to MDR SCHarbor Comm.  The response from the Commission was that they would attempt to do the research and provide the data and information in 30 days at the next meeting.