Videos: Safe Water? Safe Gas? Dr. Bernard Endres and Patricia McPherson 2001

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Greed, Gridlock and Gas: The Playa Vista Story

Our video gives an overview of alleged public health and safety hazards at the Playa Vista site. For a series of follow up investigative reports, watch KNBC's "Burning Questions" series just below this video.
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Playa Vista Gas Leak

43 seconds

Playa Vista Gas Sampling

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Playa Vista Gas Sampling

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SoCal Gas Underground Storage Operations: How Hazardous is too Hazardous?


Courtesy of Travis Longcore, Implications of Ballona Wetlands Restoration (run time: 1 hour and 1 minute)
Listening Start Points after introduction about Southern California Estuaries
Ballona @ 21:00 minutes
Bolsa Chica - unforeseen dredging consequences and similar expectations for Ballona @ 39:00 minutes
Ballona Restoration @ 45:00 minutes


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These KNBC investigative reports include information about Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety inspections at Playa Vista (Part 1, 2, 3 & 4) and at Staples Center (Part 4 & 5) and interviews with The Department of Toxic Substances and others.

KNBC's "Burning Questions" Part 1  Paul Moyer Channel 4 News Report investigates dangers lurking under Playa Vista. Grassroots Coalition President Patricia McPherson, Dr. Bernard Endres, an attorney and oil field gas migration specialist, and other experts reveal an alleged trail of deception at the Playa Vista site.

17:38 minutes:seconds

KNBC's "Burning Questions" Part 2, continues the investigation of dangers lurking under Playa Vista and a proposed Los Angeles Unified School District school at the Playa Vista site.

17:38 minutes:seconds

KNBC's "Burning Questions" Part 3, reveals flaws in the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety permitting process at Playa Vista. Interviews appear to show a consistent pattern of deceit or lack of due diligence.

17:38 minutes:seconds

KNBC's "Burning Questions: Power Politics" Part 4 shows most Los Angeles Council Members have received large campaign contributions that may have influenced votes on the Playa Vista development. Grassroots Coalition and others brought a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles (City) with Richard Fine lead attorney.

The City admits the permitting process is done by independent inspectors paid by Playa Vista and Staples Center. The City admits many inspection reports throughout the City are flawed and incomplete.

Laura Chick, City Controller, also weighs in on the inadequacy of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety inspections of projects all over the City which may put the safety of the public at risk.

17:38 minutes:seconds

KNBC's "Burning Questions" Part 5 continues investigation of fire safety systems. Despite City documents that show failed or incomplete fire safety systems inspections, Staples Center received a Certificate of Occupancy by Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.

7:05 minutes:seconds


Courtesy of Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, "Facts on Fracking", Pennsylvania (length: 1 hour 45 minutes)

   4 Technologies that the make today's Unconventional Drilling or Frack Jobs possible: Directional Drilling, High Volume Pressurized Fluids, Lubricant (slick water frack fluids), Drilling Multiple Wells from one Well Pad. Dr. Ingraffea includes plenty of statistics that introduce you to the magnitude of the risk factors. Well worth watching.

Green is the Healthiest Color - The Vision



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