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TONGVA VILLAGE OF SAANGNA - Lands & Waters of Ballona, part of the Sacred Native American Site registered by John Tommy Rosas, tribal leader, Tongva Ancestral Territorial Tribal Nation (TATTN)

The lands and waters of Ballona are part of the Tongva Village of Saangna. 

"This is a SACRED SITE registered by the Tongva Ancestral Territorial Tribal Nation…", states TATTN spokesperson and tribal leader John Tommy Rosas, 

"... that requires fresh water for tribal cultural and natural resources."  

TATTN statements to the California Coastal Commission,

How to Drain a Wetland & Get Away With It: The Betrayal Of The Public's Trust! Ballona

As is seen below in the photos from 1952 and 1997 Ballona ponds during the rainy season when allowed to do so, even with the presence of the Army Corp/ LA County built - Ballona Channel.
Playa Vista developers have always argued that their mega-development was not on a wetland, which is countered by their own internal e-mails to Los Angeles Building & Safety Department - 6/8/99 Playa Vista email to LADBS. 


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