STATE COASTAL CONSERVANCY Meeting, May 27, 2021; Item #5 Grassroots Opposition to Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project - CDFW REQUEST FOR FINANCING by State Coastal Conservancy

RE:  Comments on Item #5, May 27, 2021 SCC Meeting
        Opposition to Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project
        Project No. 04-088-02
        Comments on the Sea Level Rise Analysis
Honorable Chairman Bosco and Members of the Governing Board,
1.       Item #5 at the May 27, 2021 State Coastal Conservancy meeting be continued to a future date and that no action occur tomorrow
2.       The State Coastal Conservancy help create and fund a stakeholders working group that includes interested tribal organizations, non-profit organizations, CDFW, and State Coastal Conservancy, that is managed by an independent, unbiased facilitator to reach a science based consensus on the restoration of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve.  
 Let’s get back on track with what was promised to the public.  The Staff Report per inclusivity to the public and stakeholders is inaccurate as proven through numerous Public Record Act request responses
Grassroots Coalition is unaware of any new studies or information provided after 2012.   The 2005-2012 Joint EIR/S is the current EIR. The 2012 timeframe began a new Joint EIR/S in Coastal Conservancy/Bay Foundation language only.  The WRDA process begins in 2012 utilizing the same
inadequate set of studies.
Early Timeline :