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About Grassroots Coalition: Videos and Brochure of Past Accomplishments

Since 1993, Grassroots Coalition has stood for transparent, accountable government, and full disclosure of environmental public health and safety issues including gas and oil field operations and to preserve and restore our precious Local Ballona Watershed. These videos and our downloadable 12 page booklet about the the Ballona Wetlands are short and informative.

The Ballona Watershed Flows South From Mullholland Drive

Since even before the late 1980’s the public has been keenly devoted to the protection and restoration of Ballona Wetlands, here in Los Angeles. Hundreds of visionary volunteers have given up blocks of their lifetimes to work in the most extraordinary David and Goliath battle defending a steadfast goal to protect and preserve for all of America --a vanishing peace and wonderment found in this remnant, endangered ecosystem.Storm Drain System in the Ballona Watershed . . .


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