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Plant rooting depth information can provide a useful insight on what groundwater levels may be needed to sustain GDEs. This species-specific rooting depth database of California groundwater-dependent plants provides a reference point for understanding whether GDEs are hydrologically connected to groundwater. Learn More
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Grassroots Coalition President Patricia McPherson authored and submitted this legal response/comment for the Santa Monica Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) in September 28, 2021.

There are two parts to the Santa Monica GSP as published by the California State's effort to implement their "Sustainable Groundwater Management  Act" (SGMA).  Each part has been individually responded to, so there are two links to our Part One and Part Two, and both need to be downloaded and read.

PART One: DRAFT GSP Response of Grassroots Coalition response Part 1.pdf - 1.2 meg

PART Two: DRAFT_GSP_Response_of_Grassroots_Coalition_response_Part_2_of_GSP.pdf - 1 meg

The Poland Hydrology Report for Los Angeles Groundwater done in the 1950's is heavily quoted in our response.  A key issue is the Santa Monica GSP did not cite this very important Hydrology Report.

Poland Report PDF - 11 meg

Background Information

Our President's cover letter for our responses to their Part One and Two:

California State has dozens of GSP's across the state.  You can find SGMA Tools from here.

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