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4.20.21 AMG SIERRA CLUB ZOOM MEETING Dr Margot Griswold TOPIC: Ballona Wetlands  FEIR Inconsistency & Overlooked Opportunities: Consensus Building 56 minutes; Q & A 18 minutes; Memorial to Tongva Elder Julia Bogany
AMG ZOOM MEETING Dr. Margot Griswold, Restoration Ecologist, offers a conservation minded alternative to bulldozing the Ballona Wetlands, as proposed by the Bay Foundation.Dr. Griswold explains that these historical wetlands have not had full tidal flow (proposed by the Bay Foundation) for thousands of years. Spend an hour watching Dr. Griswold's presentation; you will feel hope and awe for all the species you will meet. I learned effortlessly as she shared her vast knowledge of the history of Ballona. Her passion for the Ballona Wetlands is evident throughout. Jonathan Coffin's Ballona Wildlife Photos made my experience all the more worthwhile. Kudos, Margot and the Airport Marina Group of the Sierra Club for hosting her. Thanks to Patricia McPherson of Grassroots Coalition for this You Tube Video of the entire presentation including audience interaction.

3.16.21 AMG SIERRA CLUB 15 MIN YOUTUBE OF 6 EXCERPTS Richard Harmel, Patricia McPherson, Rex Frankel, Tongva John Tommy Rosas, Dr. Margot Griswold and Dr. Travis Longcore 15 min 6.16.20

2.16.21 Sierra Club AMG Zoom Meeting Presenters: Jill Stewart & Paul Koretz ;AB 9 & 10  Livable California  1 hour 16 min

11.16.20 FLYOVER OIL FIELD LEAKS, DANGERS in Venice, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, and Westchester 1:30 m

10.22.20 Dr M Griswold PhD at SMBRC Restoring Ballona's Predominantly Freshwater Seasonal Wetland 4.3 min

10.22.20 Cindy Harden, Ballona Naturalist-Educator – PUBLIC COMMENTS Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission (SMBRC) 3:13 min

10.22.20 Patricia McPherson, Grassroots Coalition SMBRC BALLONA COMMENTS 3.5 min

10.20.20 Kathy Knight, Ballona Ecosystem Education Project - SMBRC PUBLIC COMMENTS 3.28 min

10.20.20 Judith Davies - Zoom Tongva Sacred Lands&Sacred Waters with John Tommy Rosas short 11.2 min Patricia McPherson Presentation to SC Airport Marina Group- FALSE PREMISE: BALLONA TIDAL BAY 19:18 min

8.12.20 CCC M. Griswold, PhD, Restoration Ecologist, CCC Item 17 August 12, 2020 Comment on Playa Vista Removal Illegal Drains  3 Minutes.

6.16.20 Dr M Griswold PhD Owens Lake Collaborative Planning - SHORT-LESSONS LEARNED BALLONA 25 min

4.21.20 Dr M Griswold PhD Re-Edit Restoration of Ballona Bluff & Wetlands 4.20.21 Version 52.5 Min.