What Can We Learn from Best Selling Author Michael Lewis on PANDEMIC PLANNING and INFORMATION SILOS that's applicable to BALLONA?

Michael Lewis on White House Pandemic Planning (Podcast) Masters in Business
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Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz speaks with Michael Lewis, who is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. His books include “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,” “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,” “Liar’s Poker” and “The Fifth Risk.” He also has a podcast called “Against the Rules.”

His latest book in May 2021: “The Premonition: A Pandemic Story.”


...Will money driven, stuck in a rut, leaders ignore the value of our three aquifers under Ballona and invite saltwalter intrusion and sea level rise to destroy a backup source of LA's scarce freshwater? What are the dangers of industrial scale bulldozing?

...Will more recent studies of the Ballona Watershed, the carbon storage capacity of wetlands, and the infiltration of freshwater into our aquifers prevail?

3.16.21 AMG SIERRA CLUB 15 MIN YOUTUBE OF 6 EXCERPTS Richard Harmel, Patricia McPherson, Rex Frankel, Tongva John Tommy Rosas, Dr. Margot Griswold and Dr. Travis Longcore 15 min 
https://youtu.be/p4oRropvv6Y 6.16.20

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