VIDEO County Parks Needs Assessment of the Marina - Burton Chace Park 1.30.16

WATCH VIDEO of COUNTY PARKS NEEDS ASSESSMENT of the Marina - Burton Chace Park 1.30.16. Participants expressed a desire to have more parks and habitat areas at the Marina. While the Assessment focused on local resident needs, several speakers were concerned with County Wide use of the Marina. They referred to U.S. Congress' definition of the purpose of taking 950 acres of Ballona Wetlands for a Small Boat Harbor and Recreation area in 1954 Documents 389 and 780. 

On Sept 3, 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower under the Rivers and Harbors Act 59 Stat 10 signed Document 780 that included a federally funded project to create the Playa del Rey Inlet and Basin/Harbor that later became Marina del Rey harbor and recreation area from 950 acres of the Ballona Wetlands. At the Parks meeting on January 30, 2016, most participants suggested parks and habitat rather and no more mega developments. 

1. Restore and Preserve Wetlands Marsh - Parcels 9U and FF – Not Mega Apartment/Hotel; 
2. Restore Marina Gateway Park and Habitat - Parcel 44 – No Mega 91,760 Feet Commercial Development;
3. Continue Free Parking Dock 52,  No Mega Boat Central Height 72’ 47,084 Feet; 
4. Enhance Mariners Village, keep mature trees rookery, No Commercial Development – Parcel 113 
5. Fisherman’s Village, add wildlife viewing and water sports, Parcel 56 – No Mega Commercial and Hotel Development

1. Should existing commercial leases be terminated and the land returned to Recreational Lands and Habitat as originally intended?
2. Has the County been a good Steward of the Recreational Opportunity for boating, biking, enjoying sea life for the average LA County resident as intended?
3. Why does Lease Revenue go into the County General Fund rather than enhancements to the Marina?
4. Do we need a big shift in management of these precious resources?



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