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Wildlands Preserve | Occidental Arts & Ecology CenterWildlands Preserve | Occidental Arts & Ecology Center


The 70-acre Wildlands Preserve serves as OAEC’s living learnscape for stewardship and wildtending methods that integrate traditional knowledge with modern science. Our goals for land management are simple, yet bold: we strive to create conditions conducive to life, and to return people to our place as an interconnected and regenerative component of a thriving landscape. 

Our objectives include surface water management and groundwater recharge and erosion control; sequestering carbon and building soil; restoring fire to its place as a beneficial and healthy process; enhancing habitat for biodiversity; and tending ethnobotanically significant native plants that are gathered as wild food, medicine, basketry, and craft material.

Various strategies help us achieve these goals, such as mowing, grazing, controlled burning, thinning and limbing the forest, saving and sowing native grass seed, and creating wildlife habitat.

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