Citizens Be pro-active. Speak up to State Water Resources Board. Read the Citizen's Guide

The California EPA (CalEPA) California Water Board and it's Regional Water Quality Control Boards wish to hear from you.  Their website and email lists are designed to inform you of decisions pending and opportunities for public participation. Click here for Los Angeles 

Do read the Citizen's Guide to working with the California Water Boards 2011 (73 page pdf).

California State has a "Water Board" that sets a state wide policy.  There are many regional boards that have local expertise for managing their unique water resources.  All water related projects will pass through their hands. Thus, it's important for our web site to increase public awareness of their existence, purpose, and current programs and available resources.  We rely upon their web site layout and menu system to guide you beyond the brief link list we have below.

To know about the Los Angeles activities subscribe to one or more email notification listsState Wide Email Subscription Each regional board's homepage has a main announcement area containing the same notices.  Los Angeles Announcements web page

Use the map of California's Regional Water Boards to find your local region and it's homepage.

The region local to our advocate effort is the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB).  Some links and sample menus are presented below (as of December 2015) for your evaluation of your time to visit and read about the LA Water Board.

Los Angeles Area homepage:

Los Angeles Programs homepage:

We found their web site to be well designed to handle the "data glut" that swamps the California Water Wars topic, so we refer you to the large amount of reading needed to find your desired resources they may have.  One day, we hope to achieve a 'clearing house' data website system that eases finding your desired state tax paid for assets. 

Let us know your ideas for what important links we should include on this page.  Thank you.


Links for Ballona (Watershed) Menu: