TONGVA VILLAGE OF SAANGNA - Lands & Waters of Ballona, part of the Sacred Native American Site registered by John Tommy Rosas, tribal leader, Tongva Ancestral Territorial Tribal Nation (TATTN)

The lands and waters of Ballona are part of the Tongva Village of Saangna. 

"This is a SACRED SITE registered by the Tongva Ancestral Territorial Tribal Nation…", states TATTN spokesperson and tribal leader John Tommy Rosas, 

"... that requires fresh water for tribal cultural and natural resources."  

TATTN statements to the California Coastal Commission,

…”Playa Vista ruined and illegally diverted the fresh water pre-existing for millenniums by their illegal freshwater marsh and its illegal water discharges in the Ballona Creek Channel --at approximately 500,000 gallons per day… Playa Vista math-- my math has it way higher.” John Tommy Rosas,TATTN

The lawsuits coincide with the recently released CDFW so-called ‘restoration plan’ for Ballona, created by consultants and private interests associated with Playa Vista, and SoCalGas. The Plan (Final Environmental Impact Report) lays out their highly controversial, industrial scale bulldozing plans to dig out this rare, biologically diverse wetland.  The Planpromote digging out and converting Ballona into a full tidal saltwater bay, that would pollute the underlying freshwater aquifers. And, inundate Ballona with inland toxins, trash and debris. 

No onsite hydrology studies and no seasonal freshwater enhancement alternatives are included in CDFW's Plan, contrary to the explicit public bond requirement to restore Ballona.  The public and all of the environmental groups that fought for the last 30 years and won Ballona are adamantly against the Plan, and are working to compel CDFW to include a Seasonal Freshwater Alternative. 

The Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve is not an environmental Lego game for the Army Corps of Engineers and for private/fossil fuel/NGO interests to toy with.  The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, State manager of this public land, is mounting a full, frontal attack on Ballona, one of coastal California’s last surviving seasonal freshwater wetlands.  We call for an investigation into these abusive land management practices.    Sierra Club Airport Marina Group

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