Energy Saving Technologies: Eight new ideas coming in next decade

The USA Energy Department website is a portal to your tax dollars at work, doing original research in leading edge, start of the art, technology related to many forms of energy usage with in the country.  Household cost savings is one channel of research itemized on this page.  To see the full outline with links to the scientist's web page that explain each technology click on the link below.

  1. Ultra-Efficient Heat Pumps - Three new types of heat pumps
  2. Carbon-Fighting Clothes Dryers - Heat pump not gas combustion
  3. Magnetic Refrigerators - change temp with magnetic field
  4. Advanced Window Controls - highly insulated, smart shading windows
  5. Next-Gen Insulation - safer foam
  6. Reflective Roofing Materials - fluorescent paint
  7. Brighter, Better Lighting - double LED efficient
  8. Smarter, More Connected Homes - wireless appliance smart control