State's Plan for the Ballona Wetlands - Dr. Margot Griswold's Article in LA Audubon Society's WESTERN TANAGER NEWS Vol. 87, No.2. pdf

Margot's Article explains the need for public participation in a re-do of the Final Environmental Impact Statement approved in 2020 by California Fish & Wildlife. Also, a request for an unbiased trained facilitator to guide stakeholders through a collaborative process to build consensus for another alternative: Restoration of a Predominantly Freshwater Seasonal Wetland. Proponents of the Freshwater Alternative do not want the Creation of a Saltwater Bay Alternative: digging out of about 400 acres 20 to 30 feet deep which may inundate 3 freshwater aquifers under Ballona Wetlands with Saltwater.

We recommend watching and listening to:  4.20.21 Dr M Griswold Ballona Wetlands FEIR Inconsistency & Overlooked Opportunities: Consensus Building includes Q & A  


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