Marina del Rey, CA: In 1954 Joint Efforts of US Congress, LA County and LA City Created MDR

Millions of dollars were spent to dredge the channel,
widen beaches 450 feet for 5.5 miles, create a small craft harbor,
give access to fishing, swimming, recreation and wildlife for the people of LA.

US Public Law 780 requires reasonable rates with equal access for all.

May 13, 1954 US Congress House Document 389, 83rd Congress created Playa del Rey inlet and harbor, Venice, CA, with federal participation in the provision of entrance jetties, entrance channel, and interior channel and central basin recommended in the project report.

Sept 3, 1954 US Congress, Public Law 780, 83rd Congress signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower approved a federally funded project to create the Marina del Rey harbor and recreation area from 900 acres of the Ballona Wetlands.

In 2005-2012, the Joint Power Authority (JPA) comprised of Los Angeles County Public Works and Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission worked on a Joint EIR-EIS of the Lower Ballona Watershed.  This work was in compliance with US Congress' Documents 389 and 780 requests for an assessment of damage done to the Watershed over the intervening 60 years, and remediation needed, since it had made a huge initial investment and had spent millions to keep the Channel open over the last 60 years.  In 2012, in what appears to be an avoidance of scrutiny by Congress the JPA canceled the Joint EIR-EIS.  However, the issues still must be addressed and we continue to raise this issue alongside the required Closeout Report that would at least start to provide accountability for millions of dollars of taxpayer funds spent from 2005-12.

Complete 47 pages MDR House Document No. 389 SMB - Public Law 389 5:11:1954   47 page pdf

Annotated House Document No. 780 SMB - Public Law 780 9-3-1954  2 page pdf