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2013 July
PLAYA VISTA: Coastal Commision Begins Probe of Drainage System in Ballona Wetlands

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Oil & Gas Press

Timeline from 2000 to 2016 showing how long the gas leaks in Playa Vista/Playa Del Rey have been known.

2016 April​
Leak Fear Rises: Playa del Rey gas wells under regulator review.

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2016 April
Will There Be a Huge Gas Leak Near LAX Too?

SoCal Gas has another storage facility in Playa Del Rey, and it's not in great shape
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2011 December
Underground Methane – A Ticking Timebomb​

A gas well at Fisherman’s Village, located just feet away from residences, was demonstrated to have 820,000 parts per million by volume of methane 9ft below the ground at the well pad.  The Upper Explosive Level of Methane is 15 parts per million by volume. ...
Please don’t smoke in Marina del Rey, especially at Mariner’s Village!
Hydrogen Sulfide can be deadly when breathed and affects the young and elderly in small doses. Part of a concrete foundation in Mariner’s Village was replaced because it was destroyed by Hydrogen Sulfide. What can it do to humans?

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2007 June- NBC News by Paul Moyer
City Controller's Report On Playa Vista

PAUL MOYER: Today's review included some hard conclusions – "Residents had moved into their homes without final (safety) certification from LAFD or planning."
LAURA CHICK: To have an inspector who works for a methane company to me doesn’t give us the level of assurance that we need and that we need to give the public reassurance.

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2006 August
Written City Report: 
PlayaVista.doc - html format
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2000 June
Ballona Wetlands Methane Gas Issue

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