Oil & Gas New Gas Survey of Aliso Canyon / Porter Ranch / Southern California VIDEO

NEW GAS SURVEY ALISO CANYON/ PORTER RANCH http://www.heetma.org/squeaky-leak/porter-ranch-gas-leak/‏


NEW GAS SURVEY ALISO CANYON/ PORTER RANCH Fwd: http://www.heetma.org/squeaky-leak/porter-ranch-gas-leak/

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Porter Ranch CA - Natural Gas Leak
Video of what might be the largest natural gas leak ever recorded. Much more analysis needs to be performed. This data is from Jan 8th and 10th, 2016, two small snapshots of the leak. Boston…
Added on 1/10/16
Hello Jill,
Please have a look at the latest gas survey of Aliso Canyon.  Below contains the information of contact for the studies. Nathan Phillips, a Boston University, Mass. Professor in the Earth & Engineering Dept. is prominent in Mass. for his work investigating and mapping gas leakage areas.  He is here, as I write, and out in the field mapping Aliso Canyon.
He and his colleagues wish to see this information broadcast. 
He can be reached for information and comment regarding what his studies are showing via his
cell -617 997 1057
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