ASK FOR A U.S. ARMY CORPS PUBLIC HEARING - Marina del Rey, CA: Boat Central Request for Public Hearing by the US Army Corps Of Engineers

Action Item For Activitist: Print, fold and mail the below PDF requesting Boat Central Public Hearing by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Click on the below link to download the PDF for printing at your location:
       Request Hearing US Army Corps of Engineers about 8 story Boat Central

Thumbnails of 2 page PDF - front side is folded inside, and the back side has the mailing address.


TIP: Print just the front page, fold, and hand write in the mailing address and your return address.


We Need A Public Hearing by the Army Corps of Engineers on Boat Central

This project has plenty of controversial impacts that have not been adequately addressed:

  • Disruption of public launch ramp adjacent to site
  • Structures over water and how it sets a precedent.
  • Analysis of alternative sites within the marina
  • Other recreational uses for this site
  • Reduction of views and pedestrian walkways
  • Protection of Native American cultural resources
  • Impacts to the culvert that runs between the marina and the La Ballona Wetlands
  • Water quality impacts due to boats (washing, run-off, etc.)
  • Shade/shadow/wind impacts on biological resources and boaters
  • Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area - roosting and nesting birds (noise levels)
  • Adherence to Coastal Zone Management Act goals and policies
  • Public access to shoreline
  • Cumulative demand for parking for coastal access
  • Adherence to NEPA, Public Law 780 and HD 389 goals and policies.