Rain Water Capture: Treating Storm Runoff in a New York public park

Our web site adds pages to document many ways of capturing storm water, both private and public.  Grassroots Coalition has been showcasing public sewer and storm water cleaning since 2005, when a Japanese Designer presented on her grand success with the first public park sewer plain earth filtering.  This method is making headway here in the USA with a New York City first, called Sponge park.  Details at the URL below.

Global Sustainability: Paris 2015 - California Governor Brown establishes new direction of preservation!

We have preserved a snapshot of the LA Times article on this page, for historical purposes, in a slightly modified image format.  The modifications were to crop the image to just the article itself, with preserving credit information of the LA Times.  The image file size is 350 kilobytes with these modifications, instead of 5 times more, which we felt would be a burden for viewers' bandwidth, as well as our own.  The full article at can be seen at this URL (as of December 13, 2015 - may change this URL at any time without notification,

Wetlands: Wetland Acreage Change 1954-2009 bar chart from US EPA

The US EPA's Report on the Environment (ROE) provides a good overview of the importance of wetlands.  The EPA has spent tax payers' dollars to create this web section, as the found out it's a scientific fact that wetlands are critical to our planet's health.

ASK FOR A U.S. ARMY CORPS PUBLIC HEARING - Marina del Rey, CA: Boat Central Request for Public Hearing by the US Army Corps Of Engineers

Action Item For Activitist: Print, fold and mail the below PDF requesting Boat Central Public Hearing by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Click on the below link to download the PDF for printing at your location:
       Request Hearing US Army Corps of Engineers about 8 story Boat Central