GROUNDWATER DEPENDENT ECOSYSTEMS: Hidden Dangers of Artificial Pumping & Lowering of Groundwater, Causing Death of an Ecosystem.

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Hidden Dangers of Artificial Pumping & Lowering of the Groundwater ...
Fresh Water
Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems
How can we manage groundwater to benefit both people and nature?

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Groundwater dependent ecosystems, or GDE's, are ecological communities of species that depend on groundwater for survival. These ecosystems support a diverse array of plants and animals, including many rare and endangered species here in California.
Groundwater plays a vital role for nature. For some plant species, groundwater serves as the only source of water year-round.
Ballona Wetlands Is A Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem
Similar to the VimeoBallona’s fresh groundwater is being pumped out, drained and diverted away from Ballona, thrown away either into the ocean or the sanitary sewer.  The waters thrown away are never allowed to recharge Ballona’s underlying 
aquifers that are historically at or near the surface.  
The Playa Vista site de-waters the groundwater of Ballona under their buildings in order to keep the groundwater away from the oilfield gas mitigation systems. The groundwater is also dewatered for the ongoing Cleanup and Abatement Order from the LA Regional Water Quality Control Board in its detoxification of the historical Howard Hughes Aircraft & McDonald Douglas Aircraft operations.
For over 20 years, Playa Vista has been illegally draining Ballona's ponding rainwater as has California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) since acquisition in 2003 of Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. Playa Vista's Environmental Impact Report required that any dewatering be used for beneficial purposes, including recharge of the underlying aquifer. s://
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