February 14, 2020 VALENTINE RALLY to Close Down SoCal Gas Underground Storage Operation, Stop Fish & Wildlife Plan to Bulldoze Ballona, Holly Mitchell County Supervisor Runoff

February 14, 2020 VALENTINE RALLY to Close Down SoCal Gas Underground Storage Operation and Oppose Industrial Bulldozing of Ballona & Senator Holly Mitchell Speaks Out
Protestors rally to defend Ballona Wetlands and its wildlife from a catastrophic bulldozing Plan being promoted by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife & Army Corps of Engineers, in an attempt to convert the predominantly freshwater wetland into a full tidal bay. Protestors also argue that SOCALGAS underground gas storage operations, under the wetlands and surrounding communities are acknowledged by California officials, including the Governor as dangerous and need to be SHUT DOWN. The Plan would assist SOCALGAS/PLAYA DEL REY continued operations.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymMeSFLLKNc  7 minutes 21 seconds

An increasingly dangerous gas leak from the oil well located in the Fresh Water Marsh, just west of Lincoln Blvd, in the Ballona Wetlands, has been proclaimed by oil and gas experts as a "significant surface hazard."      
       University City Syndicate​ is a poorly and improperly abandoned oil well known as Dangerously leaking gases and potential blowout hazards currently exist in the States Land Commission owned catch-basin serving as Playa Vista's flood control. The out-gassing is near the public Fresh Water Marsh foot-path of the catch-basin, located near the intersection of Lincoln Blvd. and Jefferson Blvd. in Ballona Wetlands.


How Hazardous Is Too Hazardous: Sierra Club Airport Marina Group Meeting 4.16.19 Playa Del Rey, CA SoCalGas (Sempra Energy) FIELD HISTORY: Patricia McPherson, President Grassroots Coalition

Patricia McPherson regarding SOCALGAS PLAYA DEL REY Operations (Slide Presentation) Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 12.04.44 PM_1_0.png