Underground Gas Storage: 2000 Playa Vista Boring Hole Logs


City of Los Angeles does has a Methane Code, however, it does not have any Toxic Chemical Codes including Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Toluene and Benzene. The Playa Vista Project has no mitigation for Toxic Chemicals and no Prop 65 Warnings.

The Log Books below are a small portion of the critical data that was withheld from the Los Angeles City environmental review of the Playa Vista site titled Chief Legislative Analyst Report (CLA Report) dated March, 2001.

THE COVER OF THE BORING LOGS ENTITLED "Playa Vista New Wells 1/27/00."

Field drawing in the log books shows the structures of these test wells "as built."

To the left is one of the pages from the log books. The highlighted section reads as follows:

"H2S reading 115ppm - Moved drillers away from auger will wait 1/2 hour."


H2S is the chemical symbol for Hydrogen Sulfide which is highly toxic even at very low levels. STUDIES REVEAL THAT 1 -3 ppm CAN CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE WITH PROLONGED EXPOSURE.

To the left is one of the pages from the log books. The highlighted section reads as follows:

Part of the 2:30 pm entry
"Methane vapors visible. Filled drill pipe with water."

Then at the 2:45 pm entry:
"Hole is bubbling like a geyser."

And at 5:00 pm:
"Stand by until safe. H2S reading 113 PPM."

Two more log pages are shown above. The highlighted areas read:

"Problem: well is off-gas v. hard now. Enough force to blow water out of auger to reach the top of mast 40' high. Will let vent; stop work."

Then 48 minutes later at 9:50: "Still off-gassing... a definite explosion hazard (rig engine was turn off @ 9:12)"

Then at 10:40: "Still off-gassing. H2S level 10ppm... Still an explosion hazard @ borehole. Can smell methane gas in air around rig @ times."

And at 12:08: "Still an explosion hazard at top of casing."

This page reads "Stuck my 4-gas inside auger 6" report... 500 ppm H2S."
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