Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission: CA State / Agencies Controversies - Public Private Partnership (PPP) and the Ballona Wetlands

Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission In 2010 Grassroots Coalition's President Patricia McPherson, with the help of associate John Davis began researching the way in which the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission interfaced with the (*so called) Public Private Partnership (PPP) known as the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation (an independent private business).

*Research done thus far reveals no contract between the State and this independent private business to perform as a PPP. A legal contract is especially critical when public money is involved.

Grassroots Coalition and John Davis have performed numerous Public Record Act Requests (PRAs) and Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIAs) that provide responses revealing transactions and communications between state and federal agencies and Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission staff / Santa Bay Restoration Foundation staff. Please see below. The following documents contain some of this information.

John Davis Request to the California Coastal Conservancy 3/28-29/12- Supporting the 3/29/12 request to Hold Emergency Meeting to Rescind Approval Action on File No. 04-088 - 103 pages - 1 megabyte PDF file.

Grassroot Coalition Complaint to the California Coastal Conservancy 8/2/2012- Supporting the 3/29/12 Request To Rescind Approval For Stall Recommendation Approval On 1/19/12 awarding $6,490,000. for: File No. 04-088

The California Coastal Conservancy remains non-responsive.

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