Find out if your home is on top of or adjacent to an oil/gas well.

Click on any point on the map above to see an enlarged view showing the locations of abandoned wells.

In the Playa Vista area there are over one hundred abandoned wells. Highly toxic and explosive gases are leaking to the surface. These abandoned wells, corroded and leaking pipes, provide an easy way for gases to leak to the surface. Wells like these could be in your neighborhood or near your home. To see exactly where they are, click on your neighborhood on the map to the left. The legend below explains the symbols on the map you will see.

To see the entire DOG (Division of Oil & Gas) Map 120, click here.

The area on this map has 200 to 300 oil/gas wells that are either operational or abandoned. Many of these wells are directly under people’s homes. Some of these wells are currently leaking. All wells leak eventually. This area is unique because the site is shared by SoCalGas’s underground gas reservoir. Their reservoir activities have caused the whole area to be under extreme pressures, pressures the abandoned well bores were never designed to withstand. This condition is very different from oil field wells in other areas of Los Angeles.

The two highlighted areas in the map below give the viewer an indication of the number of oil/gas wells concentrated in the Playa/Marina del Rey area. For more information about your specific area, click here.



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