Greed, Gridlock, and Gas - the Playa Vista story

Greed, Gridlock, and Gas - the Playa Vista story

The movie to the left has the testimonies of experts in areas such as gas migration, public health, and environmental conservation. 

Playing time approx. 9 min.

Please note: if the movie does not load and play automatically you may not have the necessary QuickTime plug-in that is available for free at

This film includes expert testimony by:

Environmental Consultant in Oil and Gas

Dr. Bernard Endres’ expertise was actively sought in oil and gas migration hazards and geological and subsidence problems. He has worked, studied and taught worldwide. He lectures at both UCLA and USC.

Dr. Endres, was a trained Systems Safety Engineer, who holds a Ph.D. from Pacific Western University and a Juris Doctorate in Law from Southwestern School of Law in Los Angeles.

He helped analyse the danger of toxic gases at the Belmont Learning Center as well as at the Playa Vista Development and Ballona Wetlands.

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