Global Sustainability: Food Gardening at home is fun, tastes delicious and replaces water guzzling grass.

There are many reasons to plant a home garden. Nothing tastes more delicious than a hand picked tomato, orange, blackberry, basil, and the list can go on forever. Eaten at the peak of perfection, you truly appreciate the bounty of earth and the importance of water in the growth cycle.

At the Vosburg's we are first and foremost having fun with our garden. Secondly, we save gas / fuel to go to the store. Third, the garden provides great smells, tastes, eye candy, food for the squirrels (the bane of my husband's existence), bees, birds, etc.

My husband is giving up grass for garden. It's been a transition that he has found difficult but as he eats good food from the garden, sees how drip irrigation helps everything, gets truck loads of free mulch, tends to the recycle bins, finds more bees and butterflies in the yard, and gets compliments from on-lookers he is becoming a believer.
We are working with Paul Herzog of Surfriders' Earth Friendly Gardens. He is helping us replace our tree lawn grass with draught tolerant plants, curb cutting to soak up some of the storm runoff and put water back into the acqifer with swales, french drains, water boxes hidden away underground, etc.