Fracking and Water: Oilfield Fracking

Oilfield "fracking" is a new form of pollution that is the longest lasting damage to the land, worse than salting the ground to prevent plants and animals living on it, or a man growing food for his family, neighbors and you and me.  Fracking permanently poisons, yes poisons, the underground water, permanently poisons the air, yes the air, as natural gas and associated poisonous gases seep out of the water table to harm all life at ground level, your pets, crawling children, and you and me.  Fracking leads to water and air plumes of poisons stretching miles into all homes and bodies of water, eventually reaching the ocean, and killing all fish.  There will be barren land, lakes and oceans, and no food from these poisoned areas, to feed you and me.

ONE FIFTH of the United States is already polluted from fracking.

This page lists resources about oilfield production methods, benefits and dangers, who is doing it, who to contact to get help to reduce it, maybe stop it, hopefully in time before it becomes a major extinction event for the human kind.

  1. Baldwin Hills/Inglewood PXP owned Oilfields Fumes and Ground Cracks