Ballona Watershed: Letter about State Acquisition of Ballona Wetlands to Governor Gray Davis

  State Acquisition of Ballona Wetlands
Governor Gray Davis
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Davis:

Millions of Californians recently voiced their support for more urban parks and cleaner water through the passage of Propositions 12 & 13. Now is the time to implement that vision through the acquisition of the Ballona Wetlands ecosystem.

The Ballona Wetlands is one of the last remaining wetland habitats in Los Angeles County, an area which has already lost 95% of this important coastal habitat. However, development now threatens this precious resource.

Voters have already approved $25 million for the purchase of land at the wetlands. Please help save ALL of the Ballona Wetlands by providing the necessary funds to purchase the entire 1,087 acre parcel - for the benefit of future generations and the wildlife that depends on this critical habitat.




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