Baldwin Hills/Inglewood PXP Oilfield Fumes and Ground Cracking

Baldwin Hills/Inglewood oil fields emit fumes of vary types of danger to humans, children, elderly, and pets.  And pumping water ino the ground to force oil upwards cracks the grounds, and the home's concrete foundation and walls can crack open, risking the collapse of the home's ceiling on top of the occupants.  Do you want more information, then please read the below, download official studies and reports, and become actively voice your concern to the parties we have listed for you.  Join our efforts to alleviate the dangers to your life and home.


Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community has requested
an injunction to stop PXP drilling in the Inglewood oilfield

until a proper "industry standard" study of health and safety
issues in the PXP oilfield and adjacent neighborhoods is done.
More than 200,000 people living around the PXP / Baldwin Hills / Inglewood
oilfield are at risk and may be directly impacted by the future drilling.

Broken Dreams is a 16 minute movie about PXP's
Inglewood Oilfield and its neighbors' health and safety woes.
What to expect when living next to the PXP oilfield
Smelling fumes in your backyard? Toxic? Wondering about those cracks in your
walls and foundation? Could they be PXP's fault? Tom Williams, an oil industry expert,
explains that for the last 20 years refineries have been held to a much higher standard than
oilfields. Oilfield operators are getting a "free pass" on air quality standards and expanded
drilling. Cancer, asthma, broken buildings, and broken dreams may be the price we pay.

PXP Baldwin Hills / Inglewood Oilfield FACTS
single page handout flyer (pdf) Replaced on Feb 10, 2009
Potentially hazardous oilfield gases at the PXP / Baldwin Hills / Inglewood Oilfield
Issues to consider if you live in and around Baldwin Hills.
Report Odors   Call 1-800-CUT-SMOG Complaint Filing 2 Methods
Ask your inspector to bring a gas monitor.
Here is a handy guide for checking structural changes in and around your home.
single page handout flyer (pdf) New as of Feb 10, 2009
Do you have cracks in your foundation, walls and swimming pool?
Did your water main break? Experiencing hillside erosion? Creaking sounds?
Report Damage to Gary Gless. Call 310-227-3201 or email:
Courtesy of: Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community

PXP's Inglewood Gas & Oil Fields in Baldwin Hills and
Playa Vista and Sempra (SoCal Gas) Oilfields and Underground Gas Storage