BURNING QUESTIONS KNBC 5 part series - Is Playa Vista Safe? - Methane - Underground Gas Storage - Staples Center - Peabody Award VIDEOS

Burning Questions, Power Politics (NBC PEABODY AWARD WINNING NEWS SERIES) 
Investigative Reports: Playa Vista / Ballona Wetlands / Oilfield Gas problems / 
LA Methane Mitigation - Does it work at Playa Vista?
LA City Controller Laura Chick Audit = the records are "mush" and "deeply flawed".

Part 1 - Methane Leakage / Dangers of Explosion   https://youtu.be/c4O6jI2y_m4

Part 2 - Proposed School Site Hot Spot   https://youtu.be/y_5PGSmEIj0​

Part 3 - L A Department Building & Safety Inspections?  https://youtu.be/ji0ed6N2e8Y

Part 4 - Staples Center Fire Safe?  https://youtu.be/AN2R1Y2y8Ac

Part 5 - Staples Center Fire Safe? Part 2  https://youtu.be/cEYW7rLaoX8
Burning Questions Peabody Award  https://youtu.be/s-XSCxcPEEw