Ballona Wetlands 2024/01 Historical Dewatering to Re-Watering Our Wetlands Presentation

Grassroots President McPherson's Power Point Slide Presentation about the Lower Ballona Wetlands Restoration issues corrects many misconceptions that the California Department of Fish and Game, and others, have brought before many official California and Federal department and commission meetings.  The primary correction to the proposed Restoration, that is highly faulty (as evidenced by a judge declaring the FEIR was incomplete and therefore invalid), is the historical and scientific analyses have determined the Ballona Wetlands Ecosystem are primarily Freshwater Drive.

"Ecological Reserve" status was granted to Preserve Land, Flora and Fauna.

The Ballona Wetlands was acquired with PUBLIC FUNDS . The State of California assigned the highest level of protection to the Ballona Wetlands, that called "Ecological Reserve." 


Ballona Wetlands Re-Watering 18 Slide Presentation

Slide 1 - Historical review of acquiring Ballona Wetlands and stated purpose legally prevents proposed Restoration.



Slide 2 - Historical documents and recent scientific analysis has determined the Wetlands are a freshwater body.


Slide 3 - The positive advantages of a wetlands are many, such as, aquifer refreshing and education.


Slide 4 - Developing an understanding of potential restoration options in such landscapes depends upon a sound understand of both contemporary conditions and historical ecological wetland functions.


Slide 5 - Restoration planning issues need to consider natural surface and groundwater interface protection.




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Slide 7 - Performance of a prudent Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem evaluation per the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act will provide the needed guidance on understanding the abundant natural freshwater resources of Ballona and sustaining its historical and now, very rare ecosystems.

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Slide 8 - Evaluation of freshwater resources was never funded.



Slide 9 - Official 'Concerns' were ignored by SCC and CDFW.



Slide 10 - The now decertified FEIR is highly deficient. It ignored and failed to include the regulatory body's, namely the Fish & Game Commission's determination that Ballona was inducted into the Ecological Reserve System as a Terrestrial, NonMarine Ecological Reserve under Title 14, Section 630  whose specific Purpose and Goals were to support Ballona's natural freshwater resources and the habitat's native flora and fauna that rely upon Ballona's natural freshwater resources. A new EIR is now required and we will work to ensure Ballona's natural hydrology is not excluded.



Slide 11 - Native Indian Concerns have been largely ignored and dismissed.



Slide 12 - Dewatering, diversion and contamination with saltwater of Ballona's  freshwater resources have not been considered or evaluated in the old FEIR.  Now, we work to ensure multiagency review and protection of Ballona's freshwater resources.



Slide 13 - CDFW and Playa Vista allowed for Unpermitted drainage of Ballona's freshwater for over twenty years.



Slide 14 - Capping Unpermitted Drains to start re-watering the wetlands.



Slide 15 - More Re-Watering of the Wetlands is needed.



Slide 16 - Playa Vista's gas mitigation requires lowering the water table one foot below the geotexile membrane.    Ballona's plentiful freshwater resources  are readily available for sustaining Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. THE CURRENT PRACTICE OF SENDING IT INTO THE SEWER SYSTEM OR OUT TO SEA IS WASTEFULLY UNACCEPTABLE.



Slide 17 - The Land Management Plan is required by the State of California.  Foot dragging by the responsible party continues to delay this important state wide 'Water Sharing' Plan for all of California.



Slide 18 - Flood control issues are all part of managing Ballona Wetlands within the urban landscape.  Process and procedures of a Land Management Plan and protection to Ballona's natural freshwater resources via evaluation as a Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem are all components of prudent restoration.





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