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Broken Link Report and Fixing Instructions

Where to see list of Broken Links: Click this URL ->
Also, available via Drupal Admin Menu item "Reports -> Broken Lists pulldown menu item"

You will see a list of rows, each row similar to the below.  To fix the link, most times, one Edits The Node(s) by clicking on the supplied links in the right hand column.  See below the red circled links and text.

Upload ANY file, image or movie

How to upload any type of file, image, movie, powerpoint, pdf, etc.

From ANY existing page, or create a new page, do the below (where Steps 6 to 8 are OPTIONAL). Instead, just close the Edit page, or click on any link to leave the Edit page (this cancels the Edit/Add Page).

A 'new' page does NOT have to be saved for the file to be used, in any way.

Once the file is uploaded on the web server, it is there, and is hard to delete.



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