Oil & Gas Fields Reference Materials - Baldwin Hills/Inglewood - PXP - Playa Vista/SoCalGas

Oil & Gas Fields Reference Materials
Baldwin Hills/Inglewood - PXP - Playa Vista/SoCalGas

Courtesy of GrassrootsCoalition.org, Los Angeles, California
Baldwin Hills 2008 PXP Environmental Impact Report (EIR) did not include sections which are typically part of the industry standard EIR. Therefore, a lawsuit (Petition for Writ of Mandamus) to get a industry standard EIR (study) of the oilfield, the grounds and the surrounding neighborhood was filed by the Citizen Coalition for a Safe Community, and to stop drilling until a complete study is done.
Baldwin Hills Community Standards District (CSD) Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Excerpt
Section 4.3 Public Health Risk 30 pages - PXP - 2007 Study
Table 4.3.2 Current Oil Field Operations Toxic Pollutant Emissions (lbs/year)
40 Toxic Pollutants for 2005-2006 1 Page PDF - 20 kilobytes (including in above Section 4.3 excerpt PDF)

  1. Earthquake Safety - Subsidence - Methane
    Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook - Letter from Richard L Meehan to Culver City City Engineer
    Meehan, Richard L; Richard L Meehan Consulting Engineer to Culver City, 2000
  2. Earthquake Safety - Subsidence - Methane
    Vista Pacifica / Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook - Meehan states potential gas hazards, etc.
    Meehan, Richard L; Richard L Meehan Consulting Engineer to Culver City, 2000
  3. Energy Production in California - Comprehensive
    California Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources: An Introduction 37 megabytes
    California Department of Conservation: Div Oil & Gas, 1993
  4. Glossary - Drilling, Separation and Dehydration, Produced Water, Contaminants
    Oil and Gas Field operation glossary - includes health affects, simple read.
    Oil and Gas Accountability Project
  5. Glossary - Oil and Gas Field Chemicals and their health affects
    Air Pollution glossary - Oil and Gas Regulations fall short of protecting the public.
    Oil and Gas Accountability Project
  6. Glossary of Acronyms / Abbreviations Use in Oil and Gas Production
    Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations – Commonly in Oil and Gas Production
  7. Health Affects– hydrocarbons, salts, metals, radionuclides, production chemicals
    Produced Water – Largest waste stream in Oil and Gas Production
    Sumi, Lisa; Oil and Gas Accountability Project, 2005
  8. ** Health -BTEX Gases - California Prop 65 Chemicals - Comprehensive / Illustrated
    BTEX Contamination - What is BTEX? BTEX Components of Gasoline, etc - Technical Outreach
    Hazardous Substance Research Centers - EPA
  9. Health- Hydraulic Fracturing contaminates Drinking Water
    Hydraulic Fracturing – In 2005 the oil / gas industry gutted Safe Drinking Water Act
    Oil and Gas Accountability Project
  10. Health -Reproductive Endocrine Effects in Women exposed to fuels and solvents
    Reproductive Endocrine Effects in Women with Occupational Fuel and Solvent Exposures - Evidence
    Reutman, Susan R; LeMasters, Grace; Dept. of Health & National Institute for Occupational Safety, 2002
  11. Health-Clusters of Lupus Associated with Oil field Waste Site
    Lupus - Clusters associationed with oil field waste site; a cross section study
    Dahlgren, James; Takhar, Harpeet; UCLA School of Medicine, UCLA School of Public Health, 2007
  12. * Health-Death by Asphyxiation from Hydrogen (H2S) Exposure
    Chemical Brain Injury: Hydrogen (H2S) Exposure from Refineries in Cities - Torrance, CA Study
    Kaye Kilburn; Chemical Brain Injury (Book Excerpt)
  13. *** Injection of Fluids - Baldwin Hills Dam Failure - Comprehensive
    Ground Rupture in the Baldwin Hills - Injection of fluids into the ground for oil recovery
    Hamilton, James H; Meehan, Richard L; Science, 1971
  14. Oilfields - Explosion - Gas Venting in Urban LA - Comprehensive
    Ross Dress for Less - Explosion in Los Angeles linked to waste disposal in old oilfields
    Hamilton, James H; Meehan, Richard L; Society of Petroleum Engineers - Regional Meeting , 2000
  15. Oilfields - Explosion - Comprehensive
    Ross Dress for Less - Cause of explosion and other gas ventings, Fairfax District, Los Angeles
    Hamilton, James H; Meehan, Richard L; Association of Engineering Geologists, Pub No 4, 2000
  16. Oilfields - Hazards Identification
    Environmental Geochemistry Techniques for the Evaluation of Urban Oilfieds Health & Safety Hazards
    Endres, Bernard L; University of So Ca- Environmental Engineering Seminar, 2004
  17. ****Oilfields - Urban Environmental Hazards in LA - Comprehensive
    Environmental Hazards Posed By The Los Angeles Basin Urban Oilfields: Lessons Learned
    Endres, Bernard, Phd; Chilingar, George V; Environmental Geology - Original Article, 2005
  18. Aquifers - Wilmington Shallow and Surface Casings
    Wilmington Oil Field - Polymer Flooding, Ranger Zone, Fault Block V
    Crowder, Robert; California Division of Oil & Gas, 1978
  19. Earthquake along Newport-Inglewood Fault
    Quake Occurred Along Fault Said to Be Among Area's Most Dangerous (Newport-Inglewood)
    Reich, Kenneth; Los Angeles Times / California / Local, 2001
  20. Earthquake control experiment in Colorado
    An Experiment in Earthquake Control at Rangely, Colorado
    Raliegh, C B; Healy, J H; Science Magazine, 1976
  21. Earthquakes - Induced - Bibliography
    Induced Earthquake Bibliography - Oil and Gas Production Induced Earthquake References
  22. Earthquakes - Los Angeles Region
    Prospects for Larger or More Frequent Earthquakes in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Region
    Dolan, James; Sieh, Kerry; Science, 1995
  23. Earthquakes - Newport-Inglewood Fault
    Ground Shaking from Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake on Newport-Inglewood Fault
  24. Earthquakes - Soil Response
    Nonlinear soil response - The 1933, Long Beach, California earthquake
    Trufunac, M D; Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
  25. Fault Interaction
    Mechanical fault interaction within the Los Angeles Basin
    Cooke, Michele L.; Ayako Kameda; Journal of Geophysical Research, 2002
  26. Fault Interactions and Complex Earthquakes in LA Area - Website Resources
    Fault Interactions and Large Complex Earthquakes in the Los Angeles Area
    Anderson, Greg et al; Science Magazine, 2008
  27. Faults - Perspective view Newport-Inglewood
    Illustration - Perspective view of Los Angeles area faults including Newport-Inglewood Fault
  28. Health -Benzene Exposure - Low Levels
    Benzene -Hematotoxicity in Workers Exposed to Low Levels of Benzene - ON LINE RESOURCES
    Qing Lan, et al; Science Magazine, 2008
  29. Health -Benzene Exposure in Shoe Workers - Leukemia and bone marrow toxicity
    Benzene -Factory Study Shows Low Levels of Benzene Reduce Blood Cell Count (China)
    Erik Stokstad; Science Magazine, 2004
  30. Health -Benzene-Exposed and Control Workers - Cancer and Leukemia
    Benzene-Exposed and Control Workers in China (Albumin Adducts of of Electrophilic Metabolites )
    Yu-Sheng Lin; Roel Vermeulen; University of North Carolina, National Cancer Institute, 2007
  31. Health -Benzene-Exposure - Effect on genetic polymorphisms
    Benzene Poisoning (Association of Genetic Polymorphisms)
    Junxiang Wan; Jinxiu Shi; Environmental Health Perspectives, 2002
  32. Health Concerns - Oil Production
    Health Concerns Related to Proposed Expansion of Oilfield Operations in the Baldwin Hills
    Cole, Brian, Dr. P.H.; UCLA School of Public Health, 2007
  33. Health -Repro Endocrine Effects - toxicity, respiratory, neurotoxicity, gastro, liver
    Chemicals Used in Oil and Natural Gas Development and Delivery
    Bachman, Mary; The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, 2007
  34. Health-Benzene and Leukemia Mortality - Temporal Variation
    Benzene and Leukemia Mortality - Temporal Variation
    Richardson, David B; University of North Carolina, School of Public Health, 2008
  35. Health-Chemical Mixtures and Toxicology
    Chemicals Mixtures and Toxicology
    Monosson, Emily; Environmental Health Perspectives, 2005
  36. Map - Fault - Newport-Inglewood
    Inglewood Oil Field Fault Map Figure 9
    Endres, Bernard, Phd
  37. Map - Inglewood Oil Field
    Map of Inglewood Oil Field Page 122, Los Angeles County
    California Division of Oil & Gas
  38. Oilfields - Explosion - Short narrative excerpt
    Ross Dress for Less - Cause of explosion and other gas ventings, Fairfax District, Los Angeles
    Hamilton, James H; Meehan, Richard L; Association of Engineering Geologists, Pub No 4, 1992
  39. Oilfields - Investigate gas venting in urban LA
    Methane: Proposal for Investigation. . .Methane and Other Underground Gases in Los Angeles
    Meehan, Richard L; Stanford University, 2000
  40. Oilfields - Oil Well Casings
    Casing Leaks Diagrams - Types 1-5
    Endres, Bernard, Phd; 1984
  41. Oilfields - Urban Environmental Hazards
    Environmental Hazards of Urban Oilfield Operations
    Endres, Bernard, Phd; Chilingar, George V; 1991
  42. Subsidence - Overview Oilfields of Southern California
    Subsidence Overview - Redondo Beach King Harbor - Breakwater Evaluation / Inglewood Field 19 meg
    Chilingarian, George V; Endres, Bernard L; 1992
  43. Subsidence - Baldwin Hills, CA
    Horizontal Earth Movement in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles Area
    Alexander, Ira H; Journal of Geophysical Research, 1962
  44. Subsidence - Baldwin Hills, CA
    Subsidence of Bench Marks Baldwin Hills Area
    Endres, Bernard, Phd; 1910-74
  45. Subsidence - Baldwin Hills, CA Dam Failure
    Calculated Horizontal Movements at Baldwin Hills, California
    Lee, Kenneth L; International Assoc. of Hydrological Sciences, 1976
  46. Subsidence - Baldwin Hills, CA Dam Failure
    Baldwin Hills Reservoir Failure (1963) - Lessons Learned & Illustrations of Dam
    James, Laurence; Jansen, Robert B; Advanced Dam Engineering
  47. Subsidence - Beverly Hills, CA
    Urban Oil Production and Subsidence Control - Case History - Beverly Hills, CA Oilfield
    Erickson, R C; Spaulding, A O; Society of Petroleum Engineers - Annual Meeting, 1975
  48. Subsidence - Caused by Fluid Withdrawal
    Subsidence Caused by Fluid Withdrawal: The Need for a Systems Approach - Book Excerpt 10 meg
    Chilingarian, George V; Gurevich, Alexander; Land Subsidence Case Studies and Current Research, 1998
  49. Subsidence - General Review
    Impacts of land subsidence caused by withdrawal of underground fluids in the United States
    Holzer, Thomas L; Galloway, Devin L; Geological Society of America, 2005
  50. Subsidence - Occurrence, Prediction, Control
    Subsidence arising from ground-water withdrawal, oil and gas field activities and coal gasification 10 meg
    Whittaker, Barry N; Reddish, David J; Developments in Geotechnical Engineering, 56, 1989
  51. Subsidence - Pipeline Right-of-Ways
    Differential InSAR Measurement of Ground Movement along Pipeline Right-of-Ways
    Youden, James; Power, Desmond; GRI Gas Research Institute, Des Plaines, IL, 2004
  52. Subsidence - Schematic of how it occurs.
    Schematic of how subsidence occurs.
  53. Subsidence - Wetland Loss on Gulf Coast
    Subsidence - Gulf Coast region, USA - Evidence of regional subsidence . . .induced by oil production
    Morton, Robert; Bernier, Julie; Environmental Geology, 2006
  54. Subsidence - Wilmington Oil Field, Long Beach, CA
    Subsidence in the Wilmington Oil Field, Long Beach, CA
    Mayuga, M N; Allen, D R
  55. Subsidence - Illustration
    Prolonged changes in ground-water levels induce subsidence - Illustration of aquifer system
    Aquitard Drainage and Aquifer-System
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