Marina del Rey, CA: Why and How MDR Was Created with 1954 U.S. Docs 389 and 780 / Documents and Excerpts

U.S. House Documents 389 and 780 have great relevance to the
Ballona Wetlands Restoration and Marina del Rey - see page 47 of Doc. 389 for a Map.

MDR was created with the combined efforts of U.S. Congress, Los Angeles County & Los Angeles City.

Limberlost in Geneva, Indiana - Originally 13,000 acres of Wetlands - Now 1800 Restored Acres - 200 species of Birds

LIMBERLOST (Wetlands) in Geneva, Indiana was made famous by Author-Naturalist Gene Stratton-Porter who sold 2 million copies of her early 1904 novel, Freckles. In fact 10 million copies of her books, including A Girl from Limberlost (1909) were sold in 1924, the year of her death.