Global Sustainability: Beyond Green, Ecology and LEEDS

Sustainability - is the endurance of systems and processes.

Global Sustainability is the master level of achievement.  One master is Anders Nyquist.

Many terms have been coined since "ecology" became a household word.  Green, LEEDS and others are the end of the beginning.

Mankind's leadership now has the vision of the future, an enduring future, not fraught with the dangers of tipping points, like the most dangerous ones today of peak oil, CO2, and climate change.

Combining all of the current paradigms together, one gets a synergy, where everything is recycled, re-used, re-purposed, and nothing is discarded.  There is no accumulation of garbage dumps, no Pacific Gyre, no toxic waste pits, none of those things.

That's Gold.  Gold Sustainability

We have a champion of this level in Anders Nyquist.  To watch a 12 minute movie, click here.  There are 4 more movies we have for your watching.